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MLS Resize Image Ready ?


Tour Customize ?

YES ..  Music , support Video format , 360 Images, Affiliates 

Agent Video Introductions Tour

Please contact Us

Youtube Video Included FREE

Tour can be Export to Youtube Personal Channel 

Property Website Included FREE

Links Ready Branded and Unbranded  

Tour Can Be Transfer to new Company ?

Yes .. Anytime and Added CO-AGENT Info. 

Images on Properties, Amenities, and Building Copyright ?

Virtual Tour For All LLC  photograph, have an independent copyright on the photo? The short answer is, yes!

Agents can use Images for one Property only. 

In a typical arrangement with a real estate photography company, the copyright of the pictures taken for a property would typically belong to the photographer or the photography company unless there is a specific agreement stating otherwise. Copyright is a legal concept that grants the creator of an original work exclusive rights to its use and distribution.

Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Copyright Ownership: By default, the photographer or the real estate photography company owns the copyright to the images they create. This means they have the exclusive right to reproduce, distribute, and display those images.

  2. Licensing Agreement: Often, real estate photographers provide a license to the real estate agent or property owner to use the images for specific purposes. The license outlines the terms and conditions under which the images can be used, including the duration, purpose, and any restrictions.

  3. Work-for-Hire Agreement: In some cases, the photographer and the client may enter into a work-for-hire agreement. In a work-for-hire arrangement, the client, in this case, the real estate agent or property owner, may be considered the legal author and copyright owner from the beginning.

  4. Negotiation and Contracts: It’s essential for both parties to clearly understand and agree on the terms of the arrangement. This is typically outlined in a written contract or agreement. If you want to retain the copyright to the images, it’s important to negotiate this point upfront.

  5. Usage Rights: Even if the photographer retains copyright, they may grant specific usage rights to the client. For example, the client may have the right to use the images for marketing purposes, but not for resale or other commercial purposes.

It’s crucial to have a clear understanding of the copyright ownership and usage rights before engaging a real estate photography company. If you’re the client (real estate agent or property owner), you may want to discuss and negotiate these terms before signing any contracts or agreements. If you’re the photographer or photography company, you may want to have a standard agreement that outlines the terms of use for your clients.



Check Address Before Fly Drone

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YOU GET IT ALL… most powerful virtual tour software ever released. We call it Fusion. The Fusion virtual tour software system incorporates powerful and intuitive tools that combine HD still photos, HD panoramic images, and full-motion HD video into a captivating, interactive virtual media presentation for the web, smartphones, tablets, kiosks, and more. Here’s just a few of the advanced, yet easy-to-use virtual tour software features you will enjoy: * An HTML5 interactive virtual media player that supports all popular image, audio, and video formats * A Built-in Cloud Recorder for scene-by-scene voice narration * An amazing single property website engine * A fully private labeled tour URL and customer login portal * A powerful Exposure Engine to send virtual tours to dozens of popular social media, video, and real estate websites with a single click * Four lead generation tools for accelerated communication with online shoppers * Hundreds of music clips to choose from and dozens of elegant printable flyer layouts * An advanced traffic reporting system, allowing users to analyze weekly, monthly, and even annual visitor history * So much more…

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